Employment in the Army

There are several ways to join the Imperial Sarovian Army. Your skills, qualification and ambition will influence your entry to the Army and the path you take. All members who wish to entry the Imperial Army are obligated after their Basic Training to swear an oath of loyalty to the sovereign and acknowledge the Emperor’s Regulations and Orders as military law. There are two ways to enter the Imperial Sarovian Army – either to ENLIST or to COMMISSION.


Enlisting in the Imperial Army means you wish to join the Army at the lowest rank, and work your way up. It is the way 85% of the members of the Imperial Army join. In order to Enlist, you can message any member of the Imperial Army, preferably through an Officer, and request to join. There are no current requirements to join the Imperial Army, though this differs Regiment to Regiment. When you Enlist, you will be ranked as a Recruit and when you finish our Basic Training you will graduate as a Private. You can work your way up through the ranks, and even become an Officer later.


Commissioning in the Imperial Army means you wish to start as an Officer and already be in charge of others. Only 15% of members of the Imperial Army enter through commissioning. In order to commission, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • Have a degree from the Kiev Staff College, the Empire’s main military staff college,
    • In order to get a degree from the KSC, you must:
      • Pay 900 Saros to the Government,
      • Pass the acceptance exam,
      • And have the funds to buy both the Officer’s Dress Uniform and main gray uniform.
  • Be recommended by another Sarovian officer,
  • And/or have a subsequent degree from another institution approved by the Commandant of the Kiev Staff College.

Gaining your Commission, a document that explicitly gives you power over other Sarovians, allows you to start at the rank of Second Lieutenant in the Imperial Army.