HIM Government

His Imperial Majesty’s Government is a series of organizations and institutions created to oversee and manage many aspects of the Empire. They advise His Imperial Majesty the Emperor in decision making. There are three main bodies of the Government – the Imperial Parliament, the Privy Council, and the Imperial Courts.

The Imperial Parliament is the legislature of the Empire. It is divided into two chambers – the House of Commons and the Assembly of Peers. The members of the House of Commons are directly elected by Sarovian citizens whereas the Assembly of Peers is composed of members of the Sarovian aristocracy. Both are able to create legislation on aspects of social culture, urban development, legislation, foreign policy, the military, and diplomacy. However, while the Assembly of Peers is considered the more dignified and prestigious of the two, the House of Commons is considered more practically powerful.

His Imperial Majesty’s Privy Council, meanwhile, is the “executive” of the Empire, in the sense that it is the body in which the Emperor is directly advised in all matters of state. The Privy Council is comprised of three Committees with varying roles, purposes and makeups – the Advisory Committee, made up of elder statesmen; the Executive Committee, otherwise known as His Imperial Majesty’s Cabinet; and the Household Committee, made up of the Emperor’s personal attendants. 

Finally, the Imperial Courts are the judiciary of the Empire. They are comprised of two bodies: the First Court and the Supreme Court. The First Court is composed of Judges appointed by the Minister of Justice from those citizens who have a legally recognized degree in constitutional law, and adjudicates most formal legal disputes and indictments. The Supreme Court, meanwhile, is composed of Justices nominated by the Minister of Justice and confirmed by the Imperial Parliament, and adjudicates appeals from the First Court as well as legal disputes and indictments of grave national importance.

All of the above organizations answer to one man only – His Imperial Majesty the Emperor. To learn more about the Sarovian monarch, click HERE.