The New Sarovian Empire is an online nation that originated from the MMORPG GraalOnline Classic, specifically within its Military Community. It is the oldest living nation in the history of the Graal Military Community, having been founded on May 21st, 2016. Despite many hardships over its seven years and counting, the NSE, now in its fifth era, has risen again as a beacon of days since past and the hope of Graalians for a return to the glories of that era. In modern times, it has been expanding outside of the Military Community, becoming the largest organization in GraalOnline as a whole, with over 700 members, most of whom are civilians.

Sarovia is a vibrant and diverse state. Its homeland lies in the northwestern regions of Estos, home to a diverse group of provinces. Across the seas in Ostos, the Dominion of Carolusburg stands loyal to the Crown, and to the east lies the continent of Orios, where the Dominion of Philippia settles and expands. The Empire maintains a strong military and civil service, and is led by His Imperial Majesty Emperor Carolus XIII of the Imperial House of Vasa, the 17th monarch to lead Sarovia. Since its inception, the NSE has been fighting for unity, for innovation, and for a more fun and fulfilling experience for all who join, always striving to create a home and a family for those who participate. So, what are you waiting for? Join the revolution; the future of online roleplay. Join us today!