The New Sarovian Empire is an online nation that originated from the MMORPG GraalOnline Classic, specifically within its Military Community. It is the oldest living guild in the history of the Graal Military Community, having been founded on May 21st, 2016, and the first organization from GraalOnline to expand to Roblox. Despite many hardships over its five years and counting, the NSE, now in its fourth era, has risen again as a beacon of days since past and the hope of Graalians for a return to the glories of that era. In modern times, in search for challenge, glory and gold, it has begun colonization of other games, such as GraalOnline Ol’West, Roblox, and Minecraft.

Sarovia is a vibrant and diverse state. Its homeland lies in the northwestern regions of Estos, while across the seas in Ostos, the old Three Colonies stand loyal to the Crown. To the east lies the continent of Orios, where the two dominions of Philippia and Metternau settle and expand under the faithful command of the Crown, and to the north lies the mysterious continent of Boreas, where the new colony of Silvestre Landing is being built. The Empire maintains a strong military and civil service, and is led by His Imperial Majesty Emperor Constantine IX of the Imperial House of Vasa, the 16th monarch to lead Sarovia since 2016 and, since November 29th, 2021, the longest-reigning monarch in Sarovian history.

Since its inception, the NSE has been fighting for unity, for innovation, and for a more fun and fulfilling experience for all who join. Ever since the inception of the Empire, it has always strove to create a home for those who called it such and a family for those who participated. Join us today!