Privy Council


His Imperial Majesty’s Privy Council is the body in which the Emperor is advised in all matters of state. The Privy Council is comprised of three Committees with varying roles, purposes and makeups. Its leader is the Lord President of the Privy Council, who directly oversees both the Advisory and Household Committee (unless delegated to another in an Acting status), and informally oversees the Executive Committee. The Lord President, directly appointed by His Imperial Majesty to serve at His pleasure, is currently Sir John Vasa, Prince of Kiev.


The Advisory Committee is the first and most senior committee of the Privy Council and consists of the most esteemed advisors of the Crown. Counsellors are most often inducted due to their civil positions in His Imperial Majesty’s realms, such as Governor-Generals, Prime Ministers, senior military and ecclesiastical positions and more. Its purpose is to advise the monarch on all necessary policy updates. During monthly meetings of the Advisory Committee, all Counsellors are required to prepare a report of a minimum of one page detailing their concerns, recommendations and advice.

    • The Prince of Kiev, Sir John Vasa
    • The Princess of Kiev, Dame Margaret Vasa
    • The Empress Consort, Dame Katherine Vasa
    • The Duke of Upper Preuze, Sir Edward Vasa
    • The Earl of Nafetia, Sir Jafar al-Assad
    • The Earl Kaine, Sir Itteus Kaine
    • The Viscount Marchwood, Michael Marchwood
    • The Viscount Poltava, Tsu Kinwood
    • Sir Henry Vasa


The Executive Committee is the second committee of the Privy Council and is informally known as the Cabinet. The Executive Committee is chaired by the Prime Minister of the New Sarovian Empire, who takes the role of President of the Executive Committee (though is never called this in any official documentation.) The Executive Committee prepares policy changes through their powers as Ministers of the Imperial Government, of which the monarch agrees or disagrees with.

    • (see Government page)


The third and most junior committee is the Household Committee, which is in charge of all forms of ceremony, pomp, circumstance and etiquette. It is in charge of all the traditions that make the New Sarovian Empire special, along with the rigid social structure and classes.

    • The Chief Herald, Mr. Loggail
    • The Imperial Artists:
      • The Countess of Veres, Willow Lyon
      • Mr. Fritz Castro