The City of Sarholm was established in late 2017 and remains the biggest player city in Graal history. The city was once the seat of imperial authority under numerous Sarovian monarchs, including Constantine VI, William, and Constantine VIII. After falling in ruin under the reigns of Edward I and II and Brianna, the city was, by official decree of Constantine IX, the re-established as the seat of authority and the home of the throne.

As the city grows it reaches its new peak of over 25 buildings inside, including many residential and military buildings. It consists of numerous institutions, businesses, buildings and residential areas to whom Sarovian citizens call home. In November 2021, a large fire occurred damaging many buildings, but the city is slowly being rebuilt. Some buildings are:

  • Stenhammer Palace,
  • Borhaus Palace,
  • The Foreign Legation,
  • Recruitment Office
  • The Preuze Theatre,
  • Kiba Barracks,
  • Walker Barracks,
  • Aviz Barracks,
  • The Andrey Parade Square,
  • Amphitheater Constantinus,
  • Two museums, 
  • An art gallery,
  • A photography studio,
  • A few restaurants, as well as a Train Station,
  • A thriving residential system,
  • Two churches,
  • And many more.

All citizens may construct buildings in Sarholm. To do so, they must fulfill a set of construction requirements and affirm they are a registered citizen of Sarovia. To send in your application to construct or link a building to the Sarholm hub, click here.