The Economy


The New Sarovian Empire has, since its inception, enjoyed the concept of the creation of an economy and its own currency. Before with the ability to give the international currency to people – the Gralat – the need for a national currency was unneeded. With the removal of that ability, His Imperial Majesty’s Government has, through the Currency Act of 2020, officially kickstarted the Sarovian economy.

Through the introduction of a new currency called the Saro (shorted to Sr), it offers to reward soldiers with money based off rank and attendance in trainings. This money can then be exchanged to receive things such as Gralats, out of uniform vouchers, parties, registering buildings, election finances, and more. All soldiers in the Imperial Army are paid Saros based off of their rank, with bonuses for whether or not they are in the Guard, a member of the Government, or Generals. Likewise, every training that a citizen goes to will give them an extra 10 Saros at the end of every week.

All things in Sarovia are based off the Saro – for example, the Government must tax the citizens (through income, property and company taxes) in order to get its own money, which is then exchanged for the ability to do events such as balls, parties, and more. Citizens are encouraged to start their own companies to get more Saros – such as GFX, art, writing and other type of companies.

To check out what you can purchase with your money, check out the Store in the Sarovian Discord server, using the “!store” command. To request to exchange Saros for Gralats, contact the Minister of Finance.